Rue Des Rosiers

Rue des Rosiers

Rue des Rosiers


Some of the best falafels in Paris.

Some of the best falafels in Paris.

Located in the Jewish Quarter of Paris, Rue des Rosiers is a street in Le Marias, one of the oldest districts. Unlike the rest of Paris, which was knocked down and rebuilt a couple of times, this area has remained untouched (comparatively) for a very long time. The grand boulevards of paris are in contrast to the district’s tight streets and narrow lanes.

A walk through this area is supposed to give you a look into the architecture and early layout of the city.

Best bit.

  • The falafel: Around 5 – 6 euros for the vege option. Comes with slices of roasted egg plant on the top. Amazing. There’s about four or five different places that serve falafel, and they’re all quite close to each other. Take your ‘pic’. They carter for eat in and take away. Make sure you get your ticket before you wait in line. You place your order usually with a guy who stands at the entrance to the restaurant section of the establishment (take-away orders are served from a window adjacent to the entrance). There can be a significant wait if you come in the middle of the day for lunch (2.00ish), especially so if you go there on a Sunday.

Worst bit.

  • Waiting in line for 20 minutes without a ticket and loosing my place.

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