The Techno Parade

Walking down a street with CDs.

A guy from the Netherlands who I was living with at the time took this footage — thanks for getting this on camera.

Taking music.

The CDs were ordered on the internet. The internet is amazing. It was by far the best gear I have ever had… I can not stress this enough.

Everybody else was in the same state. It was the type of day where you could make ’50 new friends’. And I did. French people love Australians. It didn’t take long to find a crew of people to party through the afternoon and night with.

I think this image best sums up the day. One of the aforementioned internet CDs.

Listening to Drugs.

This is one of the guys we partied with following the end of the techno parade. We had about 6 people back to the apartment for drinks etc. before heading to the club. His eyes say much more than a few words could about the state we were in that evening: fucked up. I also wanted to get a photo because the dude had a cool style, too.


We went to one of the biggest clubs in Paris, called Wunderlust. It’s a piece of shit, and I won’t go back. This is a shame, because the place offers so much more than fist pumping kids on a saturday night. I even think there’s Yoga there on a Sunday day, a restaurant and a outdoor cinema.

Sous Le Table.

Allow me to digress for a moment. In Parasian clubs, if you want to sit down, you have to order ‘a bottle’. This means get a bottle of spirits or Champagne, or whatever, to share amongst the group. These bottles start at 80 Euros in price. It is not cheap to be at a club in Paris.

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