How to buy weed in Paris

Just because you’re traveling to Paris doesn’t mean you have to stop smoking dope. Pot is everywhere, you just need to know where to look


At the time of writing (late 2014), it works out to be roughly 10 euros a gram. This cost me 20 euros, not the best deal, it came from a strange Frenchman.

Where to score

Have you tried hash?

Hash is easier to get than weed. It easier to transport, is more potent and it doesn’t stink.

  • Hash is called ‘shit‘ by the locals. Most people peddle shit but you can find some good stuff. See the comment by Brat Face for some good information about getting on at the Sacre Coeur, Montmarte.
  • It’s much easier to get.
  • In my experience is quality is consistent compared to weed, which can be a little hit and miss in terms of potency.
Read about where to buy hash in Paris

You can find dope on any given street in Paris.

There are districts where marijuana is common. Head out to areas like Porte de Clignancourte, Montmartre, St. Denis University, Joinville-le-pont or République and you should be able to find someone who’ll sell you dope.

Unless you know someone personally and have their phone number, you’ll need to buy off someone on the street. There are exceptions. The hostel a friend and I stayed at when we first arrived had a dealer living next door. I’ll avoid using names but the place is named after the most famous American music festival from the 60’s — take a guess.
The street level windows to the dealer’s apartment would open at about 11.00 each night and music would start playing. My mate popped his head in to get hash a couple of times. We were very happy with the deal.

The point is to be outspoken. You’re buying weed, not meth. If you see someone on the street who looks approachable, stop them and ask for “directions”.

Jardin du Champ-de-Mars

Avoid the park at the base of the Eiffel Tower. On any given night you’re likely to find hundreds, if not thousands of people relaxing and socializing at the foot of France’s darling tower. The park starts at Ecole Militaire and finishes at La Tour Eiffel. It’s not hard to find weed here, but there’s a good chance one of the following will happen.

  • You’ll get a significant amount less than what you paid for.
  • You’ll get grass (literally).
  • You’ll get robbed.
There is a fenced off section with soccer fields and children's play equipment. Twice I found some guys hanging here who hooked me up.

Caveat emptor

This may seem like common sense but make sure you get the gear first before handing over the cash. French kids can seem nice, and for the most part they are; however, there is more than one cheeky fucker in Paris who will try and take you for a ride. On one occasion (I was drunk off too much vin), a teenager took off with my cash after telling me to wait with his ‘friends’. As it turns out, the dude who went to get me weed and his ‘friends’ only just met that night. Needless to say, old-mate took off and was never to be seen again. Fool me once etc. etc.

Regardless, I got on at the Eiffel Tower a couple of times. It wasn’t great, but it was better than nothing. Head over to where there are large groups of people and follow your nose.

In my experience, the best deals and the best weed is found on the edge of, or outside Paris. If a Parisian can get it for you, you’ll get a good deal. They will have someone who they visit regularly. Like everywhere else in the world, there are a lot of people that smoke. Dating apps can help you meet people your age. Weed is a good ice breaker too.

Read about what happens if you get caught by police

Just outside Paris city centre

Saint Dennis University

Besides the fact that it’s a good 20 – 30 minutes from the centre of Paris (take Metro line 13), this was some of the best stuff I could find. The guy I saw kept regular hours, and once we got past the language barrier, I became a regular customer. The guy I saw isn’t there anymore — he’s moved on to bigger and better things, I imagine.

At the time of writing, I haven’t been back for months; however, it isn’t too much of a stretch of the imagination to think someone else has come and taken his place.

I found out about this spot by talking to some students at the near-by university. The basketball court and adjacent park is a known spot to get on. Look for someone shady.

 Joinville Le Pont

A guy came up to me when I was sitting in the park and told me he would be there after 2PM everyday if I wanted to get on. The spot is under the main bridge (near the metro) at Joinville Le Pont, which is 20 mins from Paris taking RER B. Although the deal was a little light (3/4) of what I paid for, the weed was good.


You walk along this bridge at Joinville Le Pont and take the stairs down to the basketball court.

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Charline, thank you.

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