America: The tooth is ugly.

The people are friendly, the country is not.

Brooklynites are among some of the most friendly and courteous people I have ever met in my entire life. Of course is this a generalisation, there’s sure to be some shit heads here, but I’m yet to meet them.

Every morning when I’m standing out the front, drinking a coffee and smoking a ciggy, at least one person walking by will wave to me, ask me my name and wish me a good day. This is nice. No where else in the world have I experienced such warmness from strangers. On 5 occasions I have had random conversations with people on the street that have lasted for longer than 10 minutes. The fact that I’m from Australia surely piques their interest, but I get the feeling this is something that is common, and they don’t know I’m from out of town when they come up to say hello. In Australia (and in France), strangers will exchange pleasantries — just to be polite — but what most of are thinking is we can’t wait for this intrusion of our personal space to be over so we can get back to whatever the fuck it was that we’re doing.

It’s such a fucking shame the the country is so concerned with money. Don’t get me wrong, Western countries are pretty much all alike when it comes to the value the society places on the dollar, but there’s something that sets America apart. The less you’ve got, the more you worry — And the GFC hit this place like a ton of fucking bricks. Guys just like me sleep on the street.


American television shows the worst of the country.

American television is a mind fuck to watch. There are too many advertisements.

Adverts for depression.

This is an advertisement for Abilify. It’s a drug you take if your antidepressant isn’t working.

It’s like getting in the shower, realising the water is too hot, so you turn up the cold water. The stream from the shower is now too cold, so you turn up the heat a little more. It’s too hot, so you add some more cold. What ever happened to turning it down?

Adverts for credit cards.

Credit cards are an interesting topic. Nothing highlights that America is a society of credit more than this. The first ad is for a credit card, the second ad is for debt consolidation and debt relief. Between these two ads, they’ve got 99% of Americans covered. And these types of ads seem to make up more than 50% of advertising content on the television.

I wonder if there’s a link between credit, debt and depression. Probably.

A cavity in my tooth and hole in my wallet.

So I’m a little concerned. A filling has come out in my tooth revealing a cavity big enough to land a 747. I don’t have insurance (stupid), and I can’t afford to go to the dentist. All I can do is brush my teeth 50 times a day. I feel like there’s nothing I can do in this country, and that the system has left me to die — pardon the hyperbole.

It’s way too expensive to visit a dentist. And from what I’ve heard, most Americans don’t have health insurance. An option is to go to a student dentist, but this is still out of my price range. I hear there are some homeless people in the Bronx that are handy with a pair or pliers, and hard liquor is not too expensive. So hey, it’s not all that bad. Last resorts are looking like my first choice.

Time to go brush my teeth.

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