Where can I buy hash in Paris?


I bought this piece of hash for €20.00. I don’t know if this is a good deal or not.

Popular spots to score hash

  • République,
  • Barbes Rochechouart,
  • Sacre Coeur,
  • Anvers and
  • Pigalle.

Buying hash in Barbès Rochechouart

It’s far easier to buy hash in Paris than it is to buy weed in Paris. It’s sold pretty openly on the street in areas such as Barbès Rochechouart and Montmartre. The quality and size of the deals are pretty touch and go, be prepared to be ripped off by as much as 50%, but this sort of shitty deal is common if you’re buying off the street, especially so if it’s in the AM. Deals from friends of friends or people in different scenes like clubs or festivals will be better.

Hash is called ‘Shit

The quality of hashish in Paris isn’t bad. I purchased the amount pictured above from a guy on the street in Barbès Rochechouart for €20.00. It does the job — although I’ve been smoking less and less these days and the first joint after a break always comes on stronger. It was a Thursday night, about 11.00pm. People usually hang on the sidewalk corners across the bike lanes as you exit the metro station. A group of guys standing alone in an empty street selling cigarettes to the occasional passerby and motorist stopped at red light sold me the hash, which is called ‘shit’ and is pronounced with an emphasis on the ‘it’. As a 28 year old white male, I say that I felt comfortable approaching this group, they didn’t look drunk and they didn’t have the look of crazy you see in some of the less stable and more dangerous itinerant Parisians of the night.

They wanted to sell me €40.00 worth but I said I only had a twenty. I was told to wait, one of their group went off to get the ‘shit’. After a couple of minutes of small talk with the one guy about how far away my home was and whether I was here as a tourist or for work, I was back on the metro heading home. They were very polite.

Dealers in Barbès Rochechouart

In the AM or PM hours, if you ask around you won’t have to look long before you can get on. The guys selling the latest iPhone may be able to point you in the right direction. Someone looking to make a quick buck peddling a presumably hot phone should also be open to the easy middleman commission for available for connecting a buyer to a seller. Other dealers in the area will approach you whispering words like, ‘shit’, ‘crystal’, ‘coke’. These dudes pedal crap and are most commonly found on a Saturday night.

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