Hands up if you’ve taken MDMA before. Those of you who answered yes will relate to what I’m about to say.

When you take this stuff, you have an amazing night. That much isn’t open for discussion. The problem is that this amazing night can only be remembered one line at a time — don’t excuse the pun.

Here’s how it went down in Manhattan. I’ve tried to order the memories into a narrative.

Mandy Stories: #1 — 9.

#1 — drinking.


#2 — new old friends.

I met up with YD for this fist time in years. I have a connection with this guy. He’s cool as fuck.

#3 — cheeky.

He brings a bag heavy with MDMA, it’s the best I’ve had in years.

#4 — new old friends, again.

We are properly reacquainted over the destabilizing effect of drugs. Again, a cool  cat.

#5 — new new fiends.

Sylvia, a beautiful 6 foot blonde European woman joins us. She was staying at the same AirBNB place and we exchanged details to keep in touch when she moved to a girls only room on the other side of the Brooklyn neighborhood.

#6 — fancy group sex?

I had the company of a girl from Transylvania, or something, this attracted the company of an American couple and an invitation back to a pad in Manhattan Island. He wanted o have an orgy and mistakenly thought I as with her. We would take more drugs and play some records.

#7 — a photographer’s house.

We go back to an apartment in Manhattan around the corner from the bar. Apparently it belongs to a friend of the person who invited us back. He is house sitting. He has told me he can sell me weed, a deal I quickly forget about when I see turntables and a mixer.

#8 — fucking the system.

I have a strong memory, so strong that when it comes to mind it brings a chuckle and giggle with it.

#9 — Going home.


Unofrtunatly, I fucked things up and I propositioned Silvia for sex… She said no — I could have seen that a mile away. She was almost double my height. A nightmare, really.

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