Richie Hawtin, Play Differently Tour @ Walrus, Paris


Hawtin showcases new mixer at Walrus, Paris.

He defined a sound. Richie Hawtin visited Walrus to PLAYdifferently, a stop on his Prototypes Tour, a rapid series of shows to test the product on the road and build hype, the Parisian performance lasted for an hour and there were no more than 50 people present.

It was a unique show.Hawtin’s performance bought  a new definition to the term, ‘intimate gig’. Last time I saw a performer of this caliber,  about a thousand people gathered in front of a stage in a field.

The venue is called Walrus. It’s a record shop and a home for Parisian musicians and artists to showcase their work.

I got a chance to speak to Hawtin after the show. You can listed to the interview below.


I wrote an article about the night: ‘Richie Hawtin Speaks: PLAYDifferently, Prototypes, & Innovation‘. In it, Hawtin gives a clarion call to electronic artists to ‘PlayDifferently’.