Car runs out of petrol: ISIS claims responsibility

Terror group allegedly responsible for Sydney motorway madness last week


SYDNEY: Jihadi group ISIS have claimed responsibility for major traffic delays on a busy Sydney motorway after a car ran out of petrol last week.

The terror organization released a statement this morning: “Every extra minute the Australian-infidel sits stuck in traffic is a minute less the Australian-infidel can spend living his imbecilic and piggish Western ways.”


The driver, who escaped the vehicle unharmed albeit a little embarrassed, said he had no idea his vehicle was running on empty. “They must have got me when I was at work because I filled up the tank that morning, it was cheap Tuesday.” He added.

The broken down vehicle led to a standstill in westbound lanes on the M5 around Beverly Hills at about 6pm on Tuesday.

The incident caused major traffic delays late into the night.

Traffic jams stretched back kilometers to the airport at Mascot.

In other news, Al-Qaeda have claimed responsibility for popular reality television program, ‘The Voice’.



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