Sydney restaurant fined $10,000 after Ratttaa infestation found in kitchen

1 Aug 2016, 9:57am

SYDNEY: An Indian restaurant in Sydney has been fined almost  $10,000 after health inspectors found a Rattata infestation in food storage and preparation areas.

In Downing Centre Local Court, the owners of the King Cross-based restaurant, pleaded guilty to 13 counts of failing to comply with the Food Standards Code. They were fined a total of $19,500.

Council health inspectors were alerted to the infestation after observing unusual behavior from several members of the public.

The court heard that the strange behavior can be attributed to the popular augmented  reality game, Pokemon Go.

“We saw one man almost get hit by a car and then walk straight into the restaurant in question. All without looking up from his phone,” one council officer told the court.

“When we went in to investigate what the idiot was doing, we found several of these strange purple rat-type things roaming around. There was rat faeces on the floor of the kitchen, in the service area and storage cupboards.”

The City of Sydney Council asked a magistrate to hand down a strong penalty that would deter other food business owners from letting Pokemon into their restaurants.




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