IKEA: Fight, fuck your partner and have a nicer home

IKEA to bring IBIS Budget Hotels to premises

SYDNEY| 03 August 2016 10:00

IKEA has today announced that it will partnering with the IBIS Budget hotel chain to bring a new level of convenience and service to customers.

Steve Howard, IKEA Chief Sustainability Officer, IKEA group said: “The partnership is an important one for IKEA. So many couples have fights and disagreements when selecting and using our products, we only thought it natural we should try and provide a space for people to rebuild their relationship before they get home and try and build our flat-packs.”

Chief Executive Officer, Accor Group, Scope Bredmore: “We’re happy to have this exciting opportunity with IKEA to help Australian couples. The new IBIS Budget IKEA suites will be pay by the hour rooms.”

According to researchers at Roy Morgan, overspending was the biggest reason men get annoyed with their partners; while women expressed frustration upon return of the purchased goods after their partners unsuccessful attempts at constructing flat-packs

In either case, IKEA, A.K.A ‘The Divorce Maker’, is the focal point of martial turbulence.
The home wares giant hopes by giving couples a chance to have make-up sex on premises it will ultimately get them back into the store sooner.



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