G-Haus: Small bars are hot property


SYDNEY: There’s one thing in the world of hospitality that’s quickly becoming law: The smaller the bar, the more you can charge.

One Sydney entrepreneur has taken the concept to the extreme with a innovative new establishment called G-Haus.

“It’s simple. The bar goes wherever I go, but it’s mainly around York Street. When I see a location I like, I set-up and start serving drinks. So I suppose it’s pop-up in essence too,” creator Adam Garde explains, one of the first ‘hoteliers’ to combine the pop-up and small bar experiences.

And office workers are loving it. Rachel (29) said the concept was ‘fresh’ and would be here to stay: “Every time I come there’s a line to get in — there are only four stools — it’s great!”

Patrons seem unperturbed by the prices. John (26): “I realize that they’re just buying drinks from the bottlo [bottle shop] down the road and reselling for nine or ten times the price, but the ambience is worth it.”

Given the success of G-Haus, Garde shows no sign of slowing down.

“I want to take the concept to the Western suburbs of Sydney launching a luxury, small hotel experience. All I can tell you is that it will be called ‘Ro-Mo’.


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