Sydney man pleads guilty to manslaughter after cupcaking wife

Peter Helliar to be the face of ‘anti-cupcaking campaign.’frosting-buttercream-chocolate

SYDNEY: A 34 year old Sydney man has broken down in court today confessing to killing his wife after a cupcaking prank went horribly wrong.

Police were called to the Double Day apartment in the early hours of the morning late last year to find the victim unconscious and barely breathing.

The victim was taken to nearby St.Vincent’s Hospital where the mother of two was placed on life support. Doctor’s say fecal matter was found in the victim’s nasal passage.

“We’ve seen a number of cases like this in the past.” A hospital representative told media. “One party, usually the husband, cups a fart [sic] to the victim’s nose (usually the wife) in an attempt to be funny. Farts are funny, cupcaking is not.”

The man told the court he’d been out with his friends on a night of drinking the night before.

This is the third such incident this year. The state government has asked Peter Helliar to be the face of a new public safety campaign to dissuade men from cupcaking their partners.


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