How to buy weed in Melbourne

Thanks to the internet, buying dope in Melbourne is a delightful treat.


I used a guy called KingMango or something like that and his service was amazing. Don’t pay up front, get the person to do cash on delivery (COD) and speak to them over the phone, if necessary, you won’t have any problems.

Are you wondering where to buy weed in Melbourne?

If you’re new to Melbourne, making connections has been made much easier thanks to the internet, specifically Craigslist.

Overseas there was a lot of dealing on the street. In Melbourne, if you have an internet connected smartphone, download a messenger application called ‘Wikr’. It’s an encrypted messenger service you can use to chat with dealers who will deliver throughout Melbourne for a fee.

Search the litany of dealers on Craigslist who come up when you type the words ‘buy weed Melbourne’ into Google, and do the message thing with Wikr until you find the right person. They all have names like 420 Melbourne or KushKing and so on. And many of these places will sell a whole lot of other shit like ice and coke if that’s what you’re in to.

Rough prices.

The minimum delivery is generally a quarter ounce: $100 – $120 + delivery. Although first time I picked up a guy was in the area so he did a $50 (an eighth). You can calculate the rest from there. Like everything, discounts apply in bulk; larger purchases come with the associated risk.

Learn about the law if you get caught with weed in Melbourne.

Never pay money in advance.

Look for the people offering cash on delivery. Move on to the next seller if you’re being asked to pay by wire transfer such as a Moneygram payment. Some sellers offer pickup and delivery, delivery can cost $10 – $20. The scammers are persistent and beg.

Regarding security and persecution, the state government adopts a view of harm minimization. The purchasing of small amounts of illicit substances for recreational use is a risk many people are willing to take, and the law reflects this. Unless you’re caught red handed, fingers crossed police have their sights on bigger fish.

The beauty of the internet is the ability to communicate and review. If you have a tip for other people to stay away from a particular seller, let yourself be heard below.

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