How to buy weed in Melbourne

Thanks to the internet, buying dope in Melbourne is a delightful treat.


I used a guy called KingMango or something like that and his service was amazing. Don’t pay up front, get the person to do cash on delivery (COD) and speak to them over the phone, if necessary, you won’t have any problems.

Are you wondering where to buy weed in Melbourne?

If you’re new to Melbourne, making connections has been made much easier thanks to the internet, specifically Craigslist.

Overseas there was a lot of dealing on the street. In Melbourne, if you have an internet connected smartphone, download a messenger application called ‘Wikr’. It’s an encrypted messenger service you can use to chat with dealers who will deliver throughout Melbourne for a fee.

Search the litany of dealers on Craigslist who come up when you type the words ‘buy weed Melbourne’ into Google, and do the message thing with Wikr until you find the right person. They all have names like 420 Melbourne or KushKing and so on. And many of these places will sell a whole lot of other shit like ice and coke if that’s what you’re in to.

Rough prices.

The minimum delivery is generally a quarter ounce: $100 – $120 + delivery. Although first time I picked up a guy was in the area so he did a $50 (an eighth). You can calculate the rest from there. Like everything, discounts apply in bulk; larger purchases come with the associated risk.

Learn about the law if you get caught with weed in Melbourne.

Never pay money in advance.

Look for the people offering cash on delivery. Move on to the next seller if you’re being asked to pay by wire transfer such as a Moneygram payment. Some sellers offer pickup and delivery, delivery can cost $10 – $20. The scammers are persistent and beg.

Regarding security and persecution, the state government adopts a view of harm minimization. The purchasing of small amounts of illicit substances for recreational use is a risk many people are willing to take, and the law reflects this. Unless you’re caught red handed, fingers crossed police have their sights on bigger fish.

The beauty of the internet is the ability to communicate and review. If you have a tip for other people to stay away from a particular seller, let yourself be heard below.



      • Vinny

        Ask anything (pictures, details) on what’s available through my wickr and I’ll happily provide em to you. Feel free to sus whatever you get, and if you’re not happy you’re more than welcome to say no. 🙂


      • Vinnypoos

        Dude is rude and gives you a time and then dosnt show up, shows you one sort in the pic then gives you something different… and is nothing but a shady prick.


    • zamapelly

      We are specialist in Medical Marijuana such as :: SATIVA STRAINS / INDICA STRAINS / HYBRID STRAINS.
      Blue Dream, OG kush, Purple kush, Sour Diesel, Girl Scout Cookies, Skywalker, Island Sweet Skunk, Pineapple Express, Strawberry Banana, Night Nurse, Blackberry Kush, Cookies and Cream, Trainwreck, AK-47, Grand Daddy Purple, White Widow, Hash Oil, Rick Simpson Oil, CBD Oil, Hemp oil, Hemp Seed oil, THC Oil , Cannabis oil cures Cancer, Marijuana Brownies, Mail Order Marijuana, Weed Brownies, Cannabis Seeds, Marijuana seeds, Weed Seeds, Cannabutter,Butane Hash Oil, BHO, Weed Wax, Wax Weed, Cannabis Growing, BHO extraction.

      KIK : Roberson220


  1. Wkwill

    Looking for a dealer in the prahran or south Yarra area. Reliable. Cash on delivery no messing about. No gift card bullshit. Wikr:wkwill


  2. reliable.

    looking to create good business relations near the south eastern suburbs.
    please wickr me for further details and discussions.

    Wickr: Mangopapaya69


  3. floner

    salut jai de la weed amnesia et g13 hash jaune paki et noir de la cc 70e

    livraison dans toute ile de france a partir de 100e
    or Kik ……maroonfimer


  4. morgan

    Serious buyers only Buyer safety is guaranteed.
    kik id…..420morgankush
    Download kik app messanger and contact kik ID::420morgankush


  5. davlin

    Looking for an aussie, cannot access google play with my android (two accounts on one phone), if necessary will do so on another phone, till then will try this message. Can travel to meet you as i live on peninsula.
    David 0425121666


      • davlin

        wickr not compatible with my other LG phone, frustrating.
        another seller wants me to deposit money into a m0ney gr@m account b4 meeting but sounds dodgy


      • MrZ

        totally dodgy, just someone trying to scam you out of your hard earned. On
        y ever do face to face meets and cash on delivery. There are plenty of genuine ones out there.


      • davlin

        Factory reset phone, updated software.
        Only to find out wickr not compatible with my phone.
        Downloaded KIK app but couldn’t get past (not) Funcaptcha.
        Downloaded leafedin app, registered but couldn’t get into account because it says location services not on (all three boxes ticked in settings) and cannot input Australian locations.
        Frustrating. I.Just.Want.some.weed


  6. Shooklungs

    Gorilla Glue strain available now.

    Hash also available in limited quantities.

    Contact shooklungs.

    Delivery possible to S.E at cost or pickup.


      • Shooklungs

        You know, when you looking for a legit new dealer might be a good idea not to sook it up online over their M.O since we the ones wearing all the risk.

        Especially when backed up with 25+ 5/5 reviews over 6months.

        Well unless narc ofcourse 😉.

        Good luck either way!


      • Don't be a dick

        Maybe rastamouse317 or shooklungs or whatever ratted on him to take his turf lol…. I bet rastamouse works for the police.


      • Shooklungs

        Bhahahaha…think of ya own gags!

        Though gotta wonder why no one wants anything to do with ya cruds or is it vinnypoos?


  7. Croods42

    Is it possible to find a Geniune, Face2Face seller that has decent strain?
    Looking for guaranteed & REGULAR full ones every week or so. I always meet at the time arranged, only interested in half or full ones (wont pay over $300 for full ones)
    can do city or eastern/s.e suburbs and come meet you.
    You got regular green? I got regular cash! let’s do this shit…Wickr croods42


    • Don't be a dick

      Shooklungs… no excuse to act like a douchbag over it all hey. Get off ya high horse… rastamouse317 is clearly a pussy…. with a massive ego who thinks he’s simply better than everyone else. Has a rep for being a mouth. By all means… spend your money wherever… but I think dealers who have a shttiy attitude towards potential customers is poor…. so what if you have good reviews. Good for you. Clearly it’s all gone to your head hey buddy…. he also Takes screen shots of your wikr convos…. nothing suss. How is this legit for dealer to act hey.


      • Mag

        yeah suss as fuck. he’s got multiple accounts and he acts the same on all of them. leads you on, makes some bs reason as to why he won’t or cant see you, then abuses you, sends memes and then screenshots your convo. the spelling and grammar in all these accounts are the same, as is the tone. it’s super obvious. avoid rastamouse314 at all costs. why you’d want to deal with someone who has their head so far uo their own arse anyway is beyond me.

        Liked by 1 person

  8. Dennis

    It’s just green guys! not an episode of Narcos.
    We’re in Melbourne not downtown Chicago. Chill out and buy/sell like a fucking normal decent person. Posturing doesnt achieve anything. God some folks need to grow up.


  9. RastaMouse314

    Contact RastaMouse314 on w1k or through LeafedIn (where customer feedback is also available)

    Pickup only South Yarra

    Chemdawg – 100/170/300/550
    Low stock of
    Gorilla glue
    Lemon haze


  10. rastamouse314

    Contact rastamouse314 on wicker or LeafedIn for quality botanicals.
    Pickup only inner SE suburbs.
    Feedback from nearly 30 past customers available on LeafedIn

    Current strain – Chemdawg

    Hash – $70/gram


  11. 420 manic

    420 in Melbourne hit me up on
    wickr I’d. octobomb17. Direct to public no hassles no games strait forward Cod f2f quality product every time.
    I want your business
    And I care if your happy with the service.
    constructive criticism is welcome as long as its constructive so we can attempt to improve our customer relations and fix any qualms you may have also ⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵
    (orders with 24 hours notice some discounts will apply )
    no 24/7 top price will be charged For all Without a plant


  12. 420&puff inthuesiest

    hit me up on wickr @💥💨💨💨⤵
    If you place your order 24 hours in advance I will give you a 10% discount on our already cheap low low prices
    bigger discounts also for regualers we take care of ours never go drygive octobomb17 a try only on wickr


  13. rastamouse

    Contact rastamouse314 on wicker or LeafedIn for quality botanicals.
    Pickup only inner SE suburbs.
    Feedback from nearly 30 past customers available on LeafedIn

    Current strain – Chemdawg

    Hash – $70/gram


    • Fuckeastamouse314

      This guy rastamouse314 is the biggest scammer! Don’t bother with him! He is a lair with shit cunt and he writes all of his own reviews on leafin.



      • DaHBAkid

        Haha thanks hashtimony n woolly mammoth.

        So, our indian mate here (w1k – epola) got kinda butthurt when after an hour he realized he was in the wrong alley…despite sending a google maps marker and telling him twice. Probably irrelevant to my defence but he had also been here lik 5 or 6 times before…so I couldn’t resist trolling him with humerous memes.

        Was that wrong?

        Also updated ordering info at


  14. rastamouse

    Contact rastamouse314 on wicker or LeafedIn for quality botanicals.
    Pickup only inner SE suburbs.
    Feedback from nearly 30 past customers available on Leafedin


  15. Fuckcannacouriers

    Never buy from cannacouriers. they deliver shit quality weed. Sending you the longest message ever trying to look like they are professionals and also knowing that you won’t read every single sentences in the message so they take an advantage of it by putting some things that are in favor of them. Never buy from this guy and if you happen to buy from him NEVER EVER EVER buy the prerolld joints 🙂 only stems inside it and if you complain about the quality they go maaaaaaddddddd


    • morgan

      YEAH SURE.
      *We will hook you up around the city suburbs kush, green , bud, tablets,drugs,BOWNIES
      kik ID:420morgankush
      Download kik app messanger and contact kik ID::420morgankush


  16. hugo

    wik – hugoneedit

    hi, looking for an ounce of quality bud delivered to prahran tonight 04.10.17
    Looking for good stranis, if its bush weed or week im not going to be interested.
    Big smoker so will be a long term client/fortnightly order if the products right 🙂


  17. Rik

    Looking for a quarter/half. Located in Belgrave but can travel if needed? Old school face to face, cash on delivery deal would be swoit! Thanks in advance fellas

    Wickr: rikjak15


  18. zamapelly

    Top class pils at cheap affordable price@Safe and discrete.@


    kik …………..Roberson220

    ££*kush**££ weed*££ marijuna*££ ganja*££ buds*££ green*££ bush*££ soure
    disel*££ Dutch haze*££ og kush*££ pineapple express*££ big bud*££
    granddaddy kush*££ white gold*££ white widow*££ aki 47*££ canabis oil*££ og
    platinum*££ shade*££ 420*££ afghani*££ master kush*££* hydro


  19. QBada

    Hi need good reliable bud a Q or half every week no run arounds. Preferably hume area but willing to travel wherever.

    Hit me up.


  20. mpool

    Western suburbs!
    genuine f2f, cash only meets and possible deliver depending on location.
    Minimum q order

    add wck: giraz

    strains vary each batch! current: tutti frutti


  21. DaHBAkid

    Green crack
    Lemon kush


    More info on collection;

    Hit up RastaMouse314 after checking out the above if good to go.


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