Get your inheritance early for only AUD$195

The Great Barrier Reef is now the world’s cheapest hit-man, ugh… -thing.

Bequest family money ahead of His time by sending your grandparents and/or elderly parents to the Great Barrier Reef.

For only $200, you can send a geriatric family member on the trip to end a life time, snorkeling one of Australia’s natural wonders, the Reef, a wonder the size of Italy replete with little nastys, sure to test the cardiac abilities of even the most chest strong, the most perfect arrangement for those seeking patrimonial riches.

In addition to the patrimony package, tour operators also offer a discount on the kill your spouse bundle; whereby you can arrange for a significant other to meet their maker via the jaws of a shark — The Steve Erwin spectacular is available for an additional fee, Stingrays must be arranged ahead of time.

Owner of one of the operators providing tours of the Great Barrier Reef, Rick Sontivo: “Given that the waters around the Reef have risen in recent years, if conditions are right, an entire family could potentially be wiped out in just one trip. It’s a bumper season so far.” He said.

Queensland tourism has reported a significant increase in the number of visitors to the reef since the subjectively tragic deaths of the elderly French couple.


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