Another last cigarette

Quitting smoking and generally toning it down

I first heard of the idea of reverse pressure from Jeremy Cabral. His was my boss and a somewhat mentor. The idea is you tell people about your intentions, for example quitting a vice, and by verbalizing and putting it out there, the implications of failure are a public event. The act of writing a blog about quitting smoking is reverse pressure on steroids.

I have about half a year to get myself to an elite level of fitness. I have an application for the Australian Special forces commando regiment and I want to pass the test and join their ranks. It’s possible. Right now I’m fit enough to pass the entry fitness test; however, probably not fit enough to pass the final testing. There is no pass grade for the final test, rather, you’re assessed against your peers.

I’ve purchased what I hope to be my last pack of rolling tobacco, even after I made my intentions clear last night to a group of old/new stranger/friends about how I was having my last one. There’s time for another last cigarette. I think a gradual cut back will be the best way to approach this journey, at least get it to he point where they’re testing good again. I have stopped certain substances cold turkey in the past, and have the personal intensity to do such; however, I’m about to start a shit job telemarketing and will need the meditative and relaxing effects of nicotine to do perform well in my new commission only job.