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Quitting smoking – Day 3

So I went and got a prescription for Champix — the gnarly quitting smoking drug from Pfizer. This happened on Friday. I had my last cigarette on Friday night.

A little research on the internet and a word from my doctor warned me about some side effects, including vivid and lucid dreaming.

Last night (second night on the pills) I had a dream about a French animated film called ‘Yay + Souvlaki’. It was recommended to me by a friend who has a tendency to recommend obscure films, often foreign, and I remember watching the last scene of the movie over and over again just to get the title. It had something to do with the Tour De France and probably took its queues from the very real French animated movie, ‘The Triplets of Belleville’. So yes, the dreams on this drug are crazy. There was a whole bunch of shit going on in this dream that I care not to share, but some deep personal issues seem to be coming to the fore in full surround sound and lazy high definition.

Champix, Pfizer branding of Varenicline, seems to take it’s name from the ‘No, Gary, No,’ school of thought. Under the PBS, a four week course costs the same as a pack of cigarettes. Even if you don’t plan on quitting long term, Champix almost completely kills your cravings in the short term so it is an alternative if your short on cash one month. You’ll need to see a doctor for a prescription to get the discounted price. The government will give you about 12 weeks at cost, you’ll have to pay full price after that, a hundred bucks a pack, which again still works out cheaper than buying a pack a week.

It works by stimulating the Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in your head. These guys go off when you inhale cigarette smoke, Champix is giving them a continuous gentle stroke so you don’t crave cigarettes and if you do smoke they taste like shit.

Other benefits include: Although sleep is riddled with crazy ass dreams, the quality of rest is better. Food tastes better. No more shit on the lungs.

Some cons: The after meal cigarette, I miss it.


Another last cigarette

Quitting smoking and generally toning it down

I first heard of the idea of reverse pressure from Jeremy Cabral. His was my boss and a somewhat mentor. The idea is you tell people about your intentions, for example quitting a vice, and by verbalizing and putting it out there, the implications of failure are a public event. The act of writing a blog about quitting smoking is reverse pressure on steroids.

I have about half a year to get myself to an elite level of fitness. I have an application for the Australian Special forces commando regiment and I want to pass the test and join their ranks. It’s possible. Right now I’m fit enough to pass the entry fitness test; however, probably not fit enough to pass the final testing. There is no pass grade for the final test, rather, you’re assessed against your peers.

I’ve purchased what I hope to be my last pack of rolling tobacco, even after I made my intentions clear last night to a group of old/new stranger/friends about how I was having my last one. There’s time for another last cigarette. I think a gradual cut back will be the best way to approach this journey, at least get it to he point where they’re testing good again. I have stopped certain substances cold turkey in the past, and have the personal intensity to do such; however, I’m about to start a shit job telemarketing and will need the meditative and relaxing effects of nicotine to do perform well in my new commission only job.