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Category: quitting smoking

Quitting smoking – Day 3

So I went and got a prescription for Champix — the gnarly quitting smoking drug from Pfizer. This happened on Friday. I had my last cigarette on Friday night. A little research on the internet and a word from my doctor warned me about some side effects, including vivid and lucid dreaming. Last night (second night on the pills) I had a dream about a French animated film called ‘Yay + Souvlaki’. It was recommended to me by a friend who has a tendency to recommend obscure films, often foreign,… Read more Quitting smoking – Day 3

Another last cigarette

Quitting smoking and generally toning it down I first heard of the idea of reverse pressure from Jeremy Cabral. His was my boss and a somewhat mentor. The idea is you tell people about your intentions, for example quitting a vice, and by verbalizing and putting it out there, the implications of failure are a public event. The act of writing a blog about quitting smoking is reverse pressure on steroids. I have about half a year to get myself to an elite level of fitness. I have an application… Read more Another last cigarette