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A man of conscience

And it begs the impossibly mind bending question, am I doing it because I want to do it or am I doing it to prove a point to myself. etc. And so on, et al. I remember my graduation ceremony well, it was my family’s proudest day. We were the generation on straddling the time when university was still an achievement. Proud as Punch: P.A.P. Years later I’d look back with a sense of alienation at photos of my long hair and apathetic squint. This person I do not know,… Read more A man of conscience

Get your inheritance early for only AUD$195

The Great Barrier Reef is now the world’s cheapest hit-man, ugh… -thing. Bequest family money ahead of His time by sending your grandparents and/or elderly parents to the Great Barrier Reef. For only $200, you can send a geriatric family member on the trip to end a life time, snorkeling one of Australia’s natural wonders, the Reef, a wonder the size of Italy replete with little nastys, sure to test the cardiac abilities of even the most chest strong, the most perfect arrangement for those seeking patrimonial riches. In addition… Read more Get your inheritance early for only AUD$195

I am the Walrus

It’s about as cold as it should be, for a December, the air is type of crisp that invites you to snap off a wafer of afternoon to keep and savour later. Exposed chimneys scar the sides of buildings and ascend past mansard roofs and fired clay flues which casually puff smoke like a man who doesn’t really want a cigarette but lights one anyway. I take a left onto Dunkerque, an angular street marching towards the heart of Montmartre. Gare du Nord is probably the filthiest part of the… Read more I am the Walrus